One of the goals of East Los Angeles College’s (ELAC) Technology & Logistics Program (T&L) is to prepare high school students for 21st Century careers in the Logistics industry. Our afterschool program provides students with the advantage of working towards certificates, nationally recognized certifications, and an Associate of Science degree in Technology and Logistics. All while in high school! As a budding professional, students will graduate high school with marketable skills for employment in the exciting and growing field of Logistics.

Why Earning College Credit Matters While In High School:

  1. You save money! Most high schools have a Dual Enrollment program that covers the cost of college courses for students as long as they are still enrolled in high school. This is a great benefit that allows you to get college credit while not spending a dime.
  2. You save time. Not only do you save time that you would be wasting in high school electives that aren't needed, but you also save future time by working towards a college degree.
  3. Prepares you for the adjustment to college. You’ll get a feel for college courses and course work, all while preparing you for the complete high school to college transition.
  4. Dual credit: Get ahead! College units offer more than double the high school credit. That’s a bargain!
  5. Career ready. Many college level courses are geared towards providing you the necessary skills for employment. Academic and employability knowledge, skills and proficiency are acquired and help address an increasing reality: Today, most career pathways require some form of postsecondary education, whether it’s an entry-level job or a management position for a mid-career professional. ELAC’s T&L Program does just that!

How Can I Enroll?

  1. Talk to your high school counselor.
  2. Find out which Logistics courses will be offered after school.
  3. Note that courses will be offered only during the Fall and Spring semesters.